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Fall Wreath Workshop

October 19, 2018

After such an amazing response from our first workshop that we had during the summer, we decided to host another one in the fall. We were simply overwhelmed by the interest that was shown for our fall wreath workshop, that we added an additional date and hosted two. Workshop goers spent a Tuesday evening in our design center honing their faux floral skills by making a beautiful fall wreath. Our guests received a bag filled with their base florals that they would be arranging in their grapevine wreaths upon checking in. 

Refreshments of pumpkin spice cakes, melted gouda and apple toast, and caprese salad skewers, were provided to snack on.

There were three color palettes to choose from upon registering that were based around their preferred color of hydrangea or magnolia which served as the focal point of the wreath. Bean Sprout bush, Maple leafs and Irish Moss spray were first placed and then the flowers were added. Guests then had the option of adorning their wreaths with cotton bolls and wheat.

All attendees took home custom hand-crafted fall wreaths and knowledge on how to create future floral creations. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this another successful event. We appreciate the enthusiastic response and look forward to hosting even more of these events. 

Fall Floral Wreath: A Floral Recipe

  • 1 Grape Vine Wreath
  • 3 Bean Sprout Bushes
  • 3 Maple Leaf Stems
  • 3 Irish Moss Spray
  • 3 Hydrangeas or 3 Magnolias
  • Optional: Cotton Boll and Wheat
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